BESIX to build the highest tower in the world

A new milestone for BESIX and the building sector in general The Joint Venture (JV) Samsung-BESIX-Arabtec has been awarded a contract by the Client 'Emaar Properties' to build the Burj Dubai, which will become the world's highest tower. The tower will be over 700 metres high and multifunctional, by combining residential and business accommodation. The tower is part of the Burj Dubai District which besides the skyscraper will also include 'The Dubai Mall', the world's largest shopping mall. The complex will be surrounded by parks, ponds, and "The Boulevard", along which numerous buildings will be erected. The contract has a market value of USD 875 million. BESIX's stake in that is 35%. Building work starts on 1 January 2005 and will take 47 months to complete.
Bron : www.besix.be

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